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Our Work

We help teams solve unique challenges from early concepts through construction.  While mass timber aligns with many of our core values, our portfolio highlights our belief that hybrid solutions are the structures of the future.

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INTRO Atlanta

Atlanta, GA

Set to break ground in 2024, INTRO Atlanta will be one of the tallest hybrid mass timber projects in the U.S.  Interstice worked with the team to optimize the mass timber system, reducing estimated costs by 15%. Interstice is also providing construction logistics and digital model coordination services for delivery of the mass timber system.

DC Residential

Washington D.C.

The team on this project is committed to sustainability. Although mass timber provides an ideal system from an embodied carbon perspective, minimizing floor to floor heights was the ultimate challenge.  Interstice provided recommendations to the team which could reduce timber volume by 20% while maintaining required clear heights.


Hybrid Residential

Madison, WI

This hybrid CLT on CFS project exemplifies the potential for highly integrated projects.  Interstice worked with the team to optimize the structural system to minimize material use while ensuring efficient manufacturing, shipping, and erection of the system.

Mass Timber Prototype

Columbus, OH

The team on this project sought to redefine the design process by starting with structure.  We worked with the team to optimize prototypical bays which can be scaled up to meet individual development demands. This approach proved that strategic early decisions can result in a high quality yet affordable mass timber system.

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